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Business Consulting

Park Group Solutions is much more than an advertising agency. When you partner with us, you can be confident that your business’ best interests are our number one priority. We will evaluate your business from the ground up to provide an unbiased view of your operation.

With years of experience in several sales-related industries, our consultations are an invaluable resource that your business needs. How can Park Group Solutions improve your business performance and productivity?

Analytics give us the key insights that help drive your business. Researching and reporting on these analytics gives us knowledge of exactly who your customers are and how they are using your products.

A marketing strategy can only be successful if the leads that are generated turn into sales.  Park Group Solutions not only creates and implements your campaigns; we can develop and manage your database of leads to increase your return on investment.

Market research provides important information in order to maintain competitiveness over your competitors. It is a very important component of business strategy. Park Group Solutions uses this research to determine how to market your product to your targeted demographic.

Park Group Solutions will assess and identify the strengths and weakness of your competitors’ strategies and compare them to your own in order to reach new customers. This information is essential in designing an effective market strategy.

You can drive leads to your business through strategic marketing, but is your sales team making the most of those leads? With sales training performed by Park Group Solutions, you can maximize the effectiveness of your staff. We can tell you what needs improvement and what is working for you, and we will even train your staff in effective job performance.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most rapidly evolving components of today’s marketing. It takes an understanding and appreciation for technology and new methods of communication to be able to execute it effectively.
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At Park Group Solutions, we have designated team members who are in charge of studying and understanding all Social Media and how to utilize it to benefit each of our clients.

Like all other marketing, your social media should align with your strategic business goals. Park Group Solutions has been a leader in the social media space since its inception, building strategies and content to support what your business provides. Park Group Solutions aims to expand your online presence by treating social media as your public résumé. And rather than solely measure its value in “likes,” “followers” and “posts,” your social media will be measured by the many ways it connects your brand to potential customers.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is changing the advertising business. You can’t deny the power of the Internet and new technology in today’s social landscape. Digital marketing is growing by leaps and bounds.
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Digital marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. It seems impossible to be competitive in the marketplace today without using some form of technology in your marketing plans. Whether it is through your website, an interactive ad or a YouTube video, connecting to your customer through technology is no longer the future, it’s today.

Modern technology has given businesses an extraordinary ability to communicate with their target markets, causing a dramatic change in the way people market their businesses. Advertising products and services through the internet is much more effective and efficient for businesses. Advertisements are immediately published and can be effortlessly targeted; something traditional media just isn’t capable of. Digital marketing has brought business to the hands of consumers – products can be viewed, liked, and even paid for online.

While we can all agree on the importance of grassroots marketing, it’s important to have a company that reflects the latest in technology. Lucky for you, Park Group Solutions has the tools to build your digital marketing campaign from the ground up!

Mobile apps, social networking, email blast campaigns, and search engine optimization are just a few of the creative ways Park Group Solutions can get your company known in the digital world. We execute a digital strategy, we monitor performance, track results and constantly optimize based on everything we learn from analytics.

At Park Group Solutions, we merge the latest techniques in digital marketing to create highly imaginative marketing campaigns. To discuss how Park Group Solutions can have a huge impact on your brand, contact us today.

Traditional Marketing

From the simplicity of grassroots campaigning to an all-encompassing advertising package, Park Group Solutions offers whatever your company demands to drive traffic to your business. Armed with everything from print media to the latest in broadcast media, Park Group Solutions has the tools to increase sales and brand awareness.

Even in today’s world of e-mails, blogs and Twitter, there’s still no substitute for print design that allows people to literally hold your brand in their hands. We produce strategic, smartly designed and compelling print work for clients in a wide variety of businesses.
Park Group Solutions has a wealth of experience in traditional print media from traditional newspaper advertising to direct mail campaigns. Our creative team will work with you to determine how to convey the right message to drive traffic to your business. Our staff is at the ready to give your brand the treatment it deserves.

Imagine the power of having your brand beamed into thousands of homes at once! Park Group Solutions will put together scripts for television and radio advertising designed specifically to engage the viewer with your product. Raising brand awareness through broadcast media has proven to be a powerful tool with a fantastic track record, and may very well be the solution to enhance your business’ potential. We work directly with cable and radio media outlets to get you the most advertising time at minimal cost. Our representatives are skilled media buyers trained to find the most strategic placement at a low cost so that your business can get the most bang for its buck – or in this case, the most views!

As a full service branding and marketing agency, Park Group Solutions can help you take a traditional medium like TV or Radio and integrate it with other to target your audience, reach them with a compelling message, and drive them to your business. Park Group Solutions aims to keep your TV and Radio commercial production reasonable, so you can also execute other marketing strategies that strengthens the broadcast campaigns.

Park Group Solutions always goes above and beyond to do all it takes to make your event a success, beginning with creating a look and feel for the event through branding and logo development as well as sponsorship development and complete execution of the event.

Reputation Management

Your reputation, how consumers judge you, is something you need to be proud of. While it can take years to build a great reputation, a simple miscommunication has the potential to ruin it in just a moment.
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Today more than ever, consumers check a business’ reputation before they make a purchase. You may have the best prices and the best selection, but if customers are not satisfied, they are going to make sure everyone knows about it.

That’s where Park Group Solutions comes in. Our reputation management services monitor and repair inaccuracies that appear on the internet before they get out of control through sites such as: Google Reviews, DealerRater.com and Yelp!. Park Group Solutions also manages Public Relations, helping clients gain exposure to potential target demographics by spreading information about events and newsworthy public interest stories.

Because Park Group Solutions monitors your reputation, together we can address content which is damaging to your reputation, and use customer feedback solutions to better your business practices.

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is an approach to marketing where your campaigns are consistent on multiple platforms and mediums.
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Consistency is key in making sure that consumers understand your marketing message, which in turn will lead to great results. Integrated marketing helps by optimizing the advertising budget towards the most effective approach. Park Group Solutions uses both online and offline tactics for a campaign to increase visibility. Markets can and do shift, and you will find optimum results by utilizing an integrated approach.

Design & Brand Identity

If you take the time to design a brand identity for your company, you will increase the chances that customers will recognize and trust your company in the future. It is important to know that creating a brand identity is more than simply designing a logo.
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Park Group Solutions will design a brand identity that’s recognizable and reflects the personality and values of your company. Our designs are visual, impactful and will communicate your desired message. We believe everything needs to support your brand identity and work together for maximum effectiveness. Every single piece of correspondence a potential customer sees from your company must have the same look and feel. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Design and branding is all about how you want the consumer to perceive you. Park Group Solutions has a wealth of design experience. From traditional newspaper advertising to direct mail campaigns, we put your brand right in your consumers’ hands. Our creative design team will work with you to determine how to convey the right message to drive traffic to your business. Our qualified staff is ready to give your brand the treatment it deserves.

We only succeed by delivering results. We value your bottom line. If we don’t help you with your ad design and brand success, improve your return on investment, and get more results, then we haven’t done our job.

Park Group Solutions can begin working on your custom design today. Come see what we can do for your business.