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When you work with Park Group Solutions you not only receive the benefits of a skilled creative staff and the latest in advertising technology, you also get a wide network of industry partnerships, solid analytics and results tracking, and a group of efficient strategic planners and business consultants.

We understand how businesses build and consumers consume. Many brands and businesses have similar challenges; you need more leads, you want to positively separate yourself from the competition, and you want partners and vendors you can trust. Our unique ability to optimize ideas, resources, and budgets is part of a science that we’ve continued to develop over the past 3 DECADES to solve business issues, large and small.

Couple all the above with a CEO boasting over 3 decades experience in marketing, a graphic team that features stolen talent from MLB, Oshkosh B’gosh and Nielsen Media (Just to name drop a few), logistics and analytic experts who honed their skills with the Likes of AIG and Cumulus Media and you’ve got a recipe for success!

Our Experience

Park Group Solutions has worked with numerous clients since its inception, all of whom have their own set of needs and visions regarding the success of their respective businesses. This requires a team of innovative minds who understand what a client wants before they do, who can think outside the proverbial box and customize an ad campaign that not only pleases the client but can generate substantial online traffic and continued interest in what the client is selling. Our job is to lead the customer to the client’s front steps – heck, we might even knock on the door for you. For many businesses, this can prove to be the greatest challenge of all – attracting new customers, sending the message out that you have a product that the customer should purchase from you and not the thousands of other businesses offering the same thing. This is where Park Group Solutions comes in. This is our specialty, what we excel at, and why we have been successful for eleven years and counting.

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Principles of Our Work


The key to remaining relevant in a world saturated by many different companies all vying for the same top rung is finding that element that separates you from the herd. This is a sacred philosophy upon which Park Group Solutions was built and continues to thrive. It is the fundamental idea that drives our team of artists and writers, designers and thinkers, to constantly strive to do better each time, improve upon tiresome and mundane ideas so that they are reinvented as something new and exciting, and always make sure we do better than the last project – no matter how impressive or successful it may have been.


There are many advertising agencies in the world, some of whom might be comfortable with either taking the easy road to success, or sacrificing quality and fresh ideas for run-of-the-mill ones that have been done a thousand times with minimum or average results. There is no substitute for an idea about which one can not only be proud but also appreciate that it came from a place of pure heart and talent.


The quality of one’s work is reflective of their attitude toward the work itself. When a finished product is of exceptional quality, one can tell that it was not only performed with skill but with pride, heart and spirit. Sometimes this requires taking the long route to success, overcoming challenges in order to achieve a more precise goal, and creating new methods and building new roads if there aren’t ones already available. Nothing is more important than quality; for it is the vital link between the agency, the client and the customer, the strong foundation on which successful partnerships are built, ones that stand to weather whatever trials lay ahead for all parties involved. Build something poorly and it is bound to fall come the first strong wind. Create something from quality materials – be it a house or an ad campaign – and not only will it stand for years to come, but all the world will take notice.


It isn’t enough to capitalize on past ideas, no matter how good. A strong and successful company is one that is constantly reinventing itself, coming up with new and better ways to achieve the same goal. Like people, this is how a business grows and doesn’t lay stagnant for other more creative companies to pass along the way to success. Park Group Solutions does not settle for the redundant or repetitive. We are far more interested in building something new, walking the road less traveled, and dazzling the audience with something they’ve never seen before. This is the key to remaining not only successful but relevant. And we will settle for nothing less.

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