Young & professional
Paul Crisci


Allison Sobieski

Marketing Communications Director

Erin Turner

Creative Director

Jodi Fletter

Marketing Manager

Lexi Zila

Social Media Manager

Cassie Steele

Production and Casting Director / Editor

Sarah Petro

Senior Accountant

Sean Berthelot

Art Director

Walter Kummer

Social Media and Web Coordinator

Anthony Paolucci

Copyeditor / Writer / Reputation Management

Kevin Eison

Senior Graphic Designer

Nicholas Tucker

Graphic Designer

Scott Dineen

Graphic Designer

Alicia Romero

Accounting Department

Malcolm Clark

Director of Photography

Richard Haas

Lead Editor / VFX Compositor

Jesse Manning

Cinematographer / Editor

Danisha Williams


Omar Segura

3D Artist / Editor

Tony Russello

3D Artist / Editor

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We are a dream team!

As the saying goes, “It takes teamwork to make the dream work.” Park Group Solutions is no exception. Like our ideas and successful marketing campaigns, Park Group does not settle for anything less than the best. We have a team of highly educated and trained professionals, all of whom have the same goal – to show clients and the advertising world how good they really are, by utilizing their finely-honed skills and talents, and applying them to their respective fields. What sets Park Group employees apart from other businesses is how everyone’s talents compliment each other, and how, when combined, they form into one singular creative force. Through encouragement, support and healthy communication, Park Group employees come together daily to share their ideas in order to meet the client’s goals, and exceed their expectations.